Dividend Information of PT Mayora Indah, Tbk

Information on the number of cash dividends distributed will be proposed by Mayora Indah directors for approval at the annual general meeting of shareholders.

The amount of cash dividend was proposed by The Board of Directors and approved by The Company’s General Meeting of Shareholders.

The dividend policy and amount proposed by The Board of Directors were made taking into account:

The profit earned by The Company over a certain period of time
Cash flow and financial condition of The Company
The plan and budgeting for the next year

In the last 3 years, the cash dividend paid is as follows:

Tahun Buku /
Fiscal Book
Tanggal Pembayaran Deviden /
Dividend Payment Date
Dividen Tunai per Saham /
Cash Dividend per Share
Jumlah Dividen yang Dikeluarkan /
Total Dividens distributed
2018 24 Juli 2019 / July 24, 2019 Rp Rp 29 Rp Rp 648,402,292,025
2017 25 Juni 2019 / June 25, 2019 Rp Rp 27 Rp Rp 603,684,892,575
2016 14 Juli 2016 / July 14, 2016 Rp Rp 21 Rp Rp 469,532,694,225